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Good Morning world.

This week I have been busy. Preparing to go meet the world out there and printing more leaflets and planning to buy more business cards.

Today I had a zoom with the voice half of the training, Heart Led Celebrants, Paul. Thankfully he feels I am coming along well and we have booked another for next week, which may be our last. I know I can ask for more for as long as I need to, its a fab part of the training that they are there for as long as we need them and their support. This was a big part of why I chose them, as well as the in depth look at the different types of ceremonies that Veronika shares with us on the three days we do the training.

I had a huffy printer the last two days and thought I would be reading from my phone this morning, not ideal! but for some reason it decided to talk to me this morning and I was happy to get a printout, meaning I could take notes as we went along. notes right beside the item I was reading means looking back as I write new scripts, I can make judgement on what steps to take as I read them.

The right pauses, the breathing even, it all matters.

I have added a couple of silly memes about zooms, I will be honest in my blogs and well I do like a laugh. Memes do speak out loud at times and give me a giggle!

See you soon

I promise I hadn't just woken up on today's call haha

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