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Updated: Nov 4, 2022

9th October 2022

I have always liked Crystals but I had never bought any for myself.

After the training and looking at their meanings I wanted to buy some.

I went to a shop near where we live called Elula and had a good look through and came away with these. Now I am not saying what they are, as I honestly do not know them all. What I can tell you though, each and every one was held and hand picked by myself. I knew which one I wanted and I was having it.

I have added a few more since this photo so will have to add a new photo further down.

This photo was taken on October 9th and it was a full moon, so they were put on the windowsill in full sight to be cleansed and recharged as I was advised to do.

The feather, well the day after we got home from the training and weekend away, I stepped outside to go to work and this was on the top step waiting for me. It meant so much to me. Where I was at that moment, the family losses, being unsure of what was going on from now.

The timing was perfect. I thanked the angels and my passed family and took it indoors to live with my crystals.

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