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What have I been up to, you ask!

If i said trying to stay warm, would you know what I meant? We have been trying to not put the fire on, today I gave in, It is frosty and foggy and oooof heat is needed.

Apart from that I have been typing up notes and arranging all my papers. I hate not being able to find something when I need it.

I had a zoom meeting with Paul Robinson today and I'm now going to be testing my skills at recording myself, so I can see how I do as a Celebrant and what others see.

Good old google put me right on that and how to get my webcam working.

Tomorrow is a zoom meeting with The Celebrants Collective, recap of the year and see what I feel can help me further on my journey.

I am planning on visiting a few places before Christmas but I think really The New Year will be a better time. So mid to late January, I will do my main visits. Just to say Hi I am here and ready to go.

I will be planning a zoom with Veronika Robinson early next week about my coursework and some questions I have. Then off it goes again and fingers crossed this time.

I am still keeping busy embroidering and cross stitching on an evening, my go to relaxing crafts. Nothing better than seeing something come to life in my hands by me.

I will be back soon and let you know how everything is going.

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