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How It All Began

Updated: Jan 12

Wednesday 17th August-Friday 19th August 2022

This was it, time to go train and meet Veronika and Paul.

I went up on the Tuesday, the day before. As I was staying at a campsite not far from their house. I had never driven the van so far and alone before. I had never slept out or stayed in the van alone before! I was meeting new people and training as well.

Not going to lie, I was nervous.

I messaged Veronika the night before to say I was there and nervous for the 1st day, she had a funeral planned and I was going with her. She was so nice and called in to see me at the site, dropped my books off and we had a chat before she went home.

That helped to settle some of my nerves but some others were just dancing around in my head.

Wednesday 17th

Veronika picked me up and drove us to the funeral. It was a lovely service and being able to see and listen to her was different from this new perspective. I had always been on the other side, now I was privvy to what was going on from today.

After the service we went back to hers and her comfy cosy room with the purple sofas. We had lunch in the garden under her apple tree, on her purple bench. I met her husband Paul who was to do my voice coaching.

They were very welcoming and I fell in love with their two black cats.

Veronika covered the funeral and aspects around it today and I had an hour voice wise with Paul. Then I was dropped back off and did my homework, straight away I might add, while it was fresh in my mind.

Then I had a walk until it rained and started reading the workbooks I had been given.

Thursday 18th

I slept like a log last night! Using my brain definitely knocked me out.

I drove to their house in the van today, it was about 5 minutes away, today though I left early with my morning cup of tea and drove up to a nearby church and sat in the quiet and relaxed before we started again. I watched the birds swooping in the hedges, I heard a woodpecker and I was ready to go.

We talked about yesterday, recapped. covered more funeral work. Lunch time was inside though as it was raining today. Then we looked at Namings, any age can do a naming day, any one. I loved this and really enjoyed the things I researched, symbolism of names, of crystals and animals. Another session with Paul, you have to be able to talk out loud to people, to know how to interact with them, interesting things learnt.

Then back to the van with my homework. No walk after it poured down, though I was facing the right way in the van to have the door open and relax, I read listening to the rain.

Friday 19th

My last day, I started in the church yard again, relaxed. Talked to a local man who had been to visit his families graves. Then drove down and we recapped namings from yesterday.

Today is weddings, how to make them suited to the individual, exciting or charming, quiet or dramatic, what does each couple want. Marvellous ideas and fun times finding them out.

Then my last voice session with Paul. I do feel self conscious in these as I am not used to concentrating just on myself, so they're helping with that.

We said our goodbyes and I felt like I was leaving home again HaHa

Off to the campsite again and my hubby had arrived and was fishing. We stayed the rest of the weekend and made the best of the wet weather.

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