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Happy Days

I've taken the plunge and signed up for this. It looks really good. 3 days of learning and meeting new celebrants via zoom, it's going all over the world so there will be a lot of us!

I'm also chatting to my tutor Veronika via zoom on eulogy writing. Using her book and the workbook to write up and express information clearly. I've done a few drafts but I've more to do before I rebook and send it off to her.

I've also signed up for creative writing classes, hoping they help my imagination take off and make writing scripts even better.

Next week I'm off to shadow another HLC Glynis (True Harmony Celebrants) she's presenting a funeral and I'm going to see how she works and have a chat with her afterwards as well.

So it's busy at the moment but im still taking time to meditate or to craft. My sewing machine has been cleaned and oiled and is running like a panther now. Happy days.

Take care

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