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Visits! eeek

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

As part of the course we have to visit some wedding venues, talk to them and he planners. Visit a crematorium, cemetery and eco burial site.

Mine all happened the same week. I couldn't have planned it better if i am honest.

Monday17th October

The Biscuit Factory and Rooms, Newcastle Upon Tyne

The Biscuit Factory Gallery is a beautiful Gallery, simple as. Modern but welcoming, fun and educational.

You can do classes there and buy the art in installments if the price is beyond your budget.

The staff are lovely and they make good coffee in the cafe.

The photo show the staircase down to reception but straight across is the window where the art is cleared away and a reception can be held right there in the gallery! I never knew that and I would love to have my own reception there, never mind be a celebrant there.

This is inside The Biscuit Room, so spacious and connected to The Factory. It can be partitioned off, to let a service be more private, the bar is to the side, then after that they open it up and it is set up with tables and decorated to match the wedding decor.

This is a side room in the gallery that is for smaller celebrations. It is turned around and decorated as needed for the day.

It is also the room they do crafting classes in, I've attended a few.

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