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Saltwell Crematorium and Cemetery

Friday 21st October

I had booked my visit to the Crem and was met by James, friendly and smiling, a lovely professional man. He was the greeter today for all the services going on and luckily had time to show me around.

We started outside and he pointed out the different areas, Memorial wall, Remembrance Garden, Parking and other doors in for those working there. We went into the seated area and then through to his office. Showing me the paperwork I would need to check, and his work so we would match up. Then he took me to the back of the venue, I wont go into detail as obviously it is private, what I will say is, it was spotless and organised and well looked after. We arrived back to the podium and he showed me how it all works for the celebrant on the day. I was less stressed about using it after that tour and he really made me feel welcome. Giving me a couple of names to contact for when I am ready to go.

Then I crossed over to the Cemetery, I used to live 10 minutes from here when I was younger and it was a peaceful place then.

Though all the local crematoriums and cemeteries are near main roads, its like the silence button has been pressed. you hardly hear anything.

This cemetery is clean, structured, a map is at the gates to show how it is placed out. There were squirrels running around and people visiting graves. It is a lovely place to visit. The autumn leaves were around and it just looked peaceful.

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