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It's Me!

Updated: Jan 7

Hi my name is Terry and I am a celebrant based in the North East UK,

I was trained by Veronika and Paul Robinson, Heart Led Celebrants, they're based in beautiful Cumbria.

This is the training pack and I'm keeping it handy. It's full of info and will never not be about.

This is a new addition written by my tutor Veronika and it's definitely going to be used a lot in my work as a celebrant

About me as a person, I love to read, I dip into most genres but my favourite is Thrillers.

I cross stitch, embroider, dabble in making clothes and love messing with my Cricut.

As a family, I am married to Robbie, we have 1 grown daughter and a crazy but beautiful black cat, Loki.

Hubby and I, sometimes daughter too, like to go out in our campervan and tour around the UK, we've recently been to Scotland and Northern Ireland. Goodness we have some beautiful coastlines don't we.

We live near the North East coastline and it takes some beating.

Stunning View in Scotland

How Beautiful a pretty port in Scotland

We also enjoy going to event weekends. We went to We Have Ways (from the podcast) WW2 event, it was a good weekend and many interesting talks.

Music weekends as well, we like Rockabilly, Country and well truthfully mostly my hubby is into this, I like the fun and atmosphere but I listen to any music.

If it has a good beat I'm happy!

Want to know anymore? just ask!

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