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It's February

Welcome to February 2023.

Its time to get my self out there and meet and greet, I was planning to do it all in January but guess what, Covid, Flu and work on the house got in the way.

February is my month!

This coming Friday I am visiting Funeral Directors and am hoping to win them over and get a call or two, to get myself out there and show my worth.

Next week I have a couple of Zooms, for CPD, but inbetween other places to visit.

Childrens centres and to see if any naming days are needed.

Then homework on Wedding Planners and Venues is next on the list.

Maybe a Wedding Fayre if I'm lucky and can get a place to show my Celebrant work off.

As I know they get booked up pretty fast, I can only try.

Here's to Spring popping in soon, some light skies and a bit warmer weather would entice me to get out more. I'm a wrap up and keep warm in the house girl otherwise.

2023 badges are out and so are the monthly training sessions to keep a good Celebrant up to date.

This is who I trained with in Cumbria and have CPD with monthly as well as ongoing resources, training and support.

This is who I am a member of and have CPD monthly as well as resources online.

Pop onto my Facebook page or Instagram to keep up with my latest posts, I do day to day and some posts about crystals and symbolism too. Really interests me, the world around us and what every thing relates to in it.

See you soon

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